Selecting unprocessed images


The ‘Raw test’ exposure is available from the sub-menu brought up under the ‘QA/Test’ algorithm selection.  This has minimal processing; ensure the applications specialist sets this up during acceptance.


Downloading images from the system


Log in as ‘Admin’ or ‘Samsungfse’.  Passwords are available from the applications specialist.


On the main page, select the ‘Review’ screen.



Plug a USB drive into the computer, then select the desired patient from the patient list.  It is possible at this stage to select the images that will be exported by highlighting the thumbnails of the desired images on the image review screen on the right hand side.  Select the export option.



Select the USB drive (it should have been auto-detected by the computer – an encrypted memory stick might require the DR system software to be shut down to allow the password to be entered in the normal windows environment).  Change the file format to DICOM.




Select ‘Ok’ and the images will be exported.  This takes a few minutes.